Developer API Reference

HTTP Overview

The API is organized around REST, using resource-oriented URLs, and HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. We use built-in OAuth 2.0 and HTTP methods, which are understood by most off-the-shelf OAuth 2.0 and HTTP clients. All responses are in JSON format, including errors.


When making an API request you will need the following components


Use to request and refresh OAuth access tokens

Use to request all other resources



The Authorization header should be of type Bearer and the value is either the apiKey provided in or the access_token if you Authenticate with OAuth

HTTP Status Codes

StreamLabs API uses standard HTTP status codes when responding to requests. Codes in the 2xx range indicate success. 4xx range usually indicate a problem with the request, the data in the request, invalid authentication or authorization, etc. In most cases you can modify the request and resubmit. 5xx range codes indicate an issue with the StreamLabs API. Whenever you do encounter one, do send an email to

200 - OK

The request succeed, everything is good. The request may or may not have a body

401 Unauthorized

No Authorization header was attached to the request, or no apiKey or access_token was provided in the header.

403 Forbidden

An invalid or expired apiKey or access_token was used to make the request

404 Not Found

The requested resource doesnt exist.


The total number of results perPage in a single request is limited to a 100. if a response's results has more than the above limit the response will be paginated and you will need to make subsequent requests with the page number in your request